Product features of Wezenberg window frames

The window frames and doors of Wezenberg Trading have been specially developed for mounting in sandwich panels. By using a counter-frame or clamping strip, these frames can be installed in around 10 minutes. The clamping strip also ensures a perfect interior finish. Together with the shutters or screens integrated into the circulation frame, this ensures an aesthetic and representative appearance of your projects.

The clamp strip of the Compact and Multi-function window frame can handle a wall thickness of 40 to 135 mm. The frames of the WF 70 and WF 82 series can be installed as standard in a wall thickness of up to 170 mm. The clamping strips can be extended for both series, for the WF 82 even up to 275 mm.

Wezenberg Trading supplies the window frames with insulating glass with a Ug-value of 1.1 although all types of glass are available, such as 3-double glazing, heated glass, glass with anti-chip film for the cold storage industry, laminated glass, sun protection glass, tempered glass with or without E-stamp for road transport. The frames can be supplied with Renolit foil or sprayed in any standard RAL colour. RAL outdoor standard is also available on request. The possibilities are endless. Delivery times are only 3 to 4 weeks.

The window frame types Compact, Multifunction, WF 70 and WF 82 have been tested by the well-known German research institute IFT Rosenheim. The research reports can be sent on request via our contact page.

Our own exclusive designs

Through years of experience in various industries, Wezenberg Trading, together with manufacturer Weimar GmbH, can offer tailor-made solutions for every customer and even develop specific products that meet all requested requirements.

Our product lines

PVC window frames
for unit building

Ideal for standardized installation on a large scale. Quick to install, high quality PVC, maintenance-free use for years.

Kunststof kozijnen ULO project

PVC window frames
for cold store building

Not affected by extreme temperatures, dimensionally stable and waterproof mounted. Hygienic and easy to clean.

Kunststof kozijnen Frisomat project

PVC window frames
for hall construction

Prefabricated and delivered quickly in large numbers. Very quick to assemble thanks to the specially developed click system.

Kunststof kozijnen Harmsen project

PVC window frames
for construction vehicles

After intensive development designed for use in construction vehicles, party tents and other temporary accommodations.

Unit building, permanent construction, semi-permanent construction, offices, student accommodation, hospitals, WMO units, schools, daycare centers, crèches, migrant homes, asylum seekers' centers, homes for refugees, cold stores, ULO cells, system construction, hotels, season tents, marquees, stables, construction vehicles, break carts, garages, toilet trucks, sanitary units, decontamination units.

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