PVC window frames for hall construction

Hall builders set up very large projects with large wall surfaces and many windows and doors in a short period of time. The delivery of large numbers of standardized components of consistent quality is crucial for this.

The PVC frames from Wezenberg Trading are prefabricated and delivered quickly. Large quantities are not a problem here. Thanks to the click system developed in-house, the frames can be assembled in no-time.


Due to the specially developed and patented click system, the window frames can be installed in no time. The system is especially suitable for mounting in walls where one doesn’t screw. The frames come with a special counter frame that simplifies installation considerably. The installation time of a frame is on average only 10 minutes.

The special counter frame ensures a perfect finish on the interior. Together with the shutters or sun protection screens integrated into the circulation frame, this ensures a very aesthetical, representative appearance of your construction project. Frames are available in fixed version, tilt & turn, tilting or as a gastight inspection hatch.

The PVC frames from Wezenberg Trading are manufactured from durable, hygienic PVC of consistent quality. They are easy to clean and very shape-retaining. The installation technique ensures watertight connections. Various types of glazing are available, such as: single glazing, double glazing, tempered or laminated glass, glass with anti-splinter foil, sun or sound-proof glass or heated glass.

Unit building, permanent construction, semi-permanent construction, offices, student accommodation, hospitals, WMO units, schools, daycare centers, crèches, migrant homes, asylum seekers' centers, homes for refugees, cold stores, ULO cells, system construction, hotels, season tents, marquees, stables, construction vehicles, break carts, garages, toilet trucks, sanitary units, decontamination units.

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